Former Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) president Narius Moloto has suffered another legal blow in his efforts to hang on to the PAC presidency.  This week, it transpired that his attempt to appeal the earlier court judgment was thrown out by the Supreme Court of Appeals.

In a bid to return to the helm of the PAC, Narius Moloto’s lawyers have written to the organisation requesting to file a late application to the Supreme Court of Appeal.  Moloto had lost three court cases where Mzwanele Nyontso was confirmed as the legitimate leader of the party.

The IEC subsequently endorsed the decision of the courts.

Nyontso says they will oppose any attempt to appeal, “We will definitely oppose because we don’t see any grounds of appeal because the judgments… The matter is really closed.”

Earlier Moloto had indicated that he had already appealed the court judgements which rejected his leadership. However, the letter from his lawyer to the PAC, which the SABC has seen, seems to contradict his earlier statements.  Moloto still insist he appealed all the court judgements, something Nyontso rejects.

Moloto says the rejection of his appeal by the Supreme Court of Appeal is a result of an error by the Pretoria High Court.

He insist he will still go to Bloemfontein and appeal the judgement.