Namibia’s Environment and Tourism Department has condemned the killing of lions around the Etosha National Park, saying it was done without the approval of the authorities.

The ministry’s Chief Public Relations Officer Romeo Muyunda has urged communities and farmers around the park not to kill lions, or any wild animals, without a permit.

Farmers in the Omusati Region killed a lion on Sunday and two other lions on Monday at a village, following reports of lions having killed two cattle on a farm.

In the statement, Muyunda said the lions escaped from the national park and attacked livestock grazing on its borders.

The ministry, according to him, is aware of increased wildlife on farms, which has led to the conflict between lions and communities.

The ministry is investigating the lions’ killing and if found that they were killed with no good reason or not in accordance with the applicable legislation, cases of illegal hunting will be opened against the farmers.

– By Frikkie Wallis