The N1 between Kranskop toll plaza and Nylplaza in Limpopo where a horrific multiple vehicle collision claimed 27 lives on Friday evening, has now been opened for traffic. The collision happened after a truck carrying bags of cement had a tyre burst and collided with several vehicles.

Transport MEC, Makoma Makhurupetje, has conveyed her condolences to the families of the crash victims. She also says that traffic authorities must come together to find solutions on how to curb these accidents.

“This is a place which is written high accident zone… I never expected an accident to happen where we have demarcated a high accident zone. We are now going to be calling the national Department of Transport including Sanrall to come and assist us in Limpopo. Because you can see that the manner this road is. We need a way in terms of the traffic we receive, the traffic flow and the congestion. Especially because one accident causes many losses of lives. We think we need to engage with them in terms of how do we ensure that we improve this road for the safety of our people.”

Makhurupetje emphasized that authorities will be working around the clock to trace the families of the victims.

Transport department spokesperson Matome Moremi says they’re still investigating to find the identities of the deceased and their places of origin.