N West residents rush to collect IDs ahead of elections

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Many residents in the North West are flocking to Home Affairs offices to collect their identity documents, enabling them to participate in tomorrow’s general elections.

The Department of Home Affairs in the province reported that as of May 24, 2024, there were more than 23 000 uncollected identity documents. Today, some individuals collecting their IDs at the Mmabatho Home Affairs office expressed their eagerness to vote.

One resident stated: “I just came here to collect my ID because I want to vote tomorrow. There is a lot of youth unemployment and potholes here in Mahikeng.”

Another person said: “I’m here to collect my ID because tomorrow I want to vote so that my voice can be heard. We have a huge issue of unemployment and a lot of corruption is going on.”

A third individual added: “I’m here at home affairs to collect my ID, to go vote tomorrow because we are struggling, especially with jobs. I want to go and vote tomorrow.”

Another resident expressed a desire for change, “I would really like to vote for change in the way that things are going in this country.”

The rush to collect IDs highlights the residents’ determination to participate in the elections and address the issues affecting their communities.

2024 Elections | People queuing at Home Affairs to collect IDs in order to vote