The North West African National Congress(ANC) List Conference finally kicked off in Orkney, North West, on Sunday. The conference, which was scheduled to take place on Saturday was delayed by the registration process
which took more than 12 hours.

About 400 members of the ANC from four regions are gathered at the Vaal Reefs Technical High School in Orkney for the conference.

There are still clear divisions within the ranks of the ANC in the province as some speakers were welcomed with cheers while others were booed. Despite these differences, the party remains confident it will be a success.

Provincial Task Team Convener, Job Mokgoro, says the ANC shouldn’t have leaders who take the party back to its past. The party in the province has faced various challenges including factionalism and divisions, which saw the party losing support on the ground.

Some ANC leaders in the province have also been removed after being involved in corruption and maladministration.

The first speaker, Job Mokgoro took the opportunity to plead with members not to vote for leaders who will take the ANC back to its past.

Previous attempts to hold the provincial list conference were disrupted by violence and chaos, leading to postponements.

Sunday is the deadline for the North West to submit its lists to the national list conference committee.
The North West is the only province that has not submitted its lists.