A bulk water supply project in Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape is expected to be completed within the next five months.

This will come as a relief to 3500 inhabitants of the town who have been living with severe drought and water restrictions since 2013.

The Loeriesfontein Bulk Water Project includes, amongst others, construction of water treatment plant, a new pipeline and new boreholes.

The project was initiated by the Hantam municipality in 2013 following the beginning of severe drought and a growing demand for water in the community.

“Prior to the commencement of the project we experienced serious problems with the water supply, the boreholes used at that time could only supply, 25 % of the demand,” said Northern Cape water and sanitation department head, Abe Abrahams.

Meanwhile, about 100km away, residents of Calvinia are still experiencing drought and their dam has emptied.

“We can confirm from our last discussion that funding is available for a feasible study for the doring river project to endure water for the Hantam municipality,” said Hantam municipal manager, Jan Swartz.

Residents of Calvinia are feeling the effects of the drought. Elizabeth Draghoender takes care of her sick 68-year-old mother, who needs to be bathed regularly.

“We used to get given water but when the taps are dry, we have to buy water, but we can’t afford to buy water every day,” she said.

The water and sanitation department says it’s planning on building more boreholes and water treatment plants in Calvinia.