Northern Cape artists are delighted that the once under-utilised state-of-the-art theatre in Kimberley is up and running.

It took five years and R28-million to revamp it, and now audiences are spoilt for choice with weekend offerings.

The spokesperson for the Department of Arts and Culture, Conrad Fortune, says they are coming up with innovative ways of educating people on social ills.

“The importance of the message that is conveyed to the audience, because we do believe that through drama, play you can convey a certain message, a message that will then develop an individual to re-look at themselves. What am I doing incorrect or am I on the right track. We’re faced with serious social ills, that’s what we’re encouraging our directors of productions to have these type of plays.”

CEO for the National Arts Council, Charles Maema, says apart from attracting theatre-goers, the aim is to create a culture and passion for stage plays.

“I think now it’s about time for us as people to start telling our stories. What has been happening at this theatre for the last past three weeks is that people were telling their own stories and the response that we get from outside was quite positive but also moving forward, this was a campaign to reintroduce the theatre to the people.”

Now there’s also a demand to have educational and informative shows during the week.