Municipal Eskom debt in the Northern Cape has ballooned to R13 billion and is continuing to rise.

The power utility has fingered the Magareng and Dikgathong municipalities for falling to make payment commitments despite their increasing debt.

The Magareng Municipality in Warrenton owes Eskom R37 million and the Dikgatlong Municipality in Barkley West owes R54million.

Eskom’s Khulu Phasiwe says they are concerned.

“Across South Africa municipalities owe Eskom now over R13 billion. At the end of September it was about R12.4 billion, right now as I speak to you R13 billion is where this thing has ballooned into. Clearly we have a big problem.”

“In South Africa, municipalities are failing to pay for their electricity services and are also failing to pay for water as you have heard over the last few months. So we have a problem and some of these problems clearly go beyond Eskom and the water board they need some intervention from government level,” adds Phasiwe.

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