Myeni denies trying to sabotage ‘SAA Airbus Swap’ deal

Dudu Myeni
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Embattled former SAA board chair Dudu Myeni has denied trying to sabotage the so-called SAA Airbus Swap deal.

In 2015, under the approval of former Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, SAA negotiated to return ten aircrafts purchased from Airbus and lease five fuel-efficient models.

This deal ended up saving SAA over R600 million, but Myeni is accused of trying to block the deal.

Back on the stand for the second day of cross-examination, Myeni denies the allegations but says she was weighing all options.

“The options we put to them was that there ought to be an option of a local leasing partner. We need to promote South African business opportunities and we needed to consider alternatives. We were also not convinced that the Airbus-related party leasing company necessarily provided the cheapest option. At this point, it was clear to me that there were serious differences of opinion amongst the board to resolve this. A proposal to appoint an adviser who could review the difference of opinion was circulated to the board.”

In the video below, Dudu Myeni says she’s being targeted for decisions made by the entire SAA board. 

‘Additional documents’

Myeni also appealed to the court to submit additional documents as part of her evidence. However, OUTA lawyers objected accusing Myeni of failing to prepare properly for the case. OUTA lawyer Advocate Carol Steinberg says they need commitment.

“We need a commitment that this isn’t going to happen again, we can’t keep stopping cross-examination for new evidence.”

Myeni’s Lawyer Advocate Nqabayethu Buthelezi says the interest of justice requires the additional documents to be considered.

“The plaintiff is just objecting because they got the option to object, but the interest of justice requires us to consider these documents my Lady if indeed we are to arrive at a true and just outcome of these matters.”

Both OUTA and SAA Pilots’ Association took Myeni to court to have her declared as a delinquent director of SAA.

In the video below, Dudu Myeni is cross-examined at the Pretoria High Court and denies trying to sabotage the “SAA Airbus Swap” deal.