My credibility is intact: Msimang

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ANC veteran Mavuso Msimang says he still stands with everything he said in his resignation letter.

Last week Msimang withdrew his resignation from the party after meeting with ANC Secretary-General Fikile Mbalula.

He handed the resignation two weeks ago.

Msimang has been vocal about the state of the ANC, which he says is due to the party’s failure to deal with corruption.

Speaking on SABC, Msimang says his credibility is intact.

“Let me be clear that it’s not because I was convinced by the SG Fikile Mbalula that now we are going to do this and it’s going to happen. I go back without withdrawing all the allegations that were made in that letter. Everything that’s in my resignation letter it is not changed by this fact. But I am responding to, so I don’t know about credibility, you are talking about a letter in which I said bye bye I’m gone now. I am being invited.”

Meanwhile, Msimang has welcomed a decision by the party’s NEC that says members, who have been implicated in the Zondo Commission, would be barred from representing the party in next year’s election.

“I thought this coming from the Secretary General informing South Africans that a decision has actually been taken that such people would not appear was very significant. And it would affect if implemented properly the nature of politics beyond 2024.”

Msimang’s u-turn on ANC resignation