Muthambi denies signing wage agreements without mandates

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The former Minister of Public Service and Administration, Faith Muthambi has called on Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni to fact check before making accusations against her.

Speaking during his Medium term budget policy statement on Wednesday, Mboweni criticised Muthambi and another former Public Service Minister, Richard Baloyi, for placing a strain on the country’s fiscus.

Mboweni says the two had signed off on wage agreements without mandates during their time as ministers, resulting in civil servant wage hikes.

Muthambi has denied the accusations saying Mboweni must explain to the nation why he is peddling lies.

“I don’t know the person who signed the wage agreements. This thing was done long after I was gone as the Minister of Public Service and Administration. So for him to just pull a stunt and be a populist, I think he must explain to the nation why he is peddling lies.”

“I think he must get his facts straight. I was not there when this agreement was signed and I challenge him to go and read it, he will know who did that.”


Watch: Mboweni delivers the Medium -Term Budget Policy statement: