Musina residents concerned as footprints of lions spotted

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Residents at Campbell in Musina, in Limpopo, say they are living in fear of lions believed to be roaming in their area. They say the tracks of four lions have been spotted in the bushes.

The national lockdown regulations introduced three years ago to curb the spread of Covid-19 might have ended, but for residents of Campbell in Musina, it still feels like that the highest level of lockdown is still in force. Movement outside their homes has been limited since footprints of four lions were spotted outside the village on Wednesday.

According to residents, more tracks were spotted on Friday.

A resident, Sara Shipalana, is urging wildlife officials to deploy more resources to capture the lions. She says this is not the first time that lions have come close to their village, as one was captured in December.

“Around December there was an incident where the lion was captured. We really like to appeal to the Department to try by all means and actually find more resources to capture them so we like them to capture to where ever they belong.”

The Limpopo Department of Environmental Affairs has released a statement warning residents to be cautious while officials continue to track the lions in the area.

The department was not available to comment on record. It is not clear at this stage where the lions escaped from.

Limpopo residents live in fear of roaming lions: