Murder inquest opened after man allegedly hangs his children in Limpopo

Samuel Kgatle
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PLEASE NOTE: The following story contains graphic details which could upset sensitive listeners, especially children.

Limpopo police have opened a murder inquest after a man allegedly hanged his two children at Ngaleng village outside Mankweng in Limpopo.

Samuel Kgatle, 38-years-old, then hung himself in another room. The motive behind the act is not yet known.

The children are five-year-old Mary and eight-year-old Anna. They were visiting their father Samuel.

They lived with Kgatle’s ex-wife.

He and his wife divorced last year and had agreed on shared custody of their children. It’s believed the incident happened after a telephonic argument between the parents.

Family spokesperson Masilu Kgatle says: “As families we are devastated by what happened here. Our hearts are broken. We thought we would raise the children so they could be something in life. We are hurt because innocent children have been killed. We were shocked hearing the father did this to his children but all we can do now is accept what happened.”

Police have opened a case of two counts of murder and an inquest for further investigation.

They have also strongly condemned the continuing acts of violent crimes perpetrated against children in some parts of the province.