Municipalities in South Africa must shut down buildings operating as brothels and drug dens, Police Minister Filkile Mbalula said on Monday.

“Rustenburg was burning and we need to act, what I am saying is that let us not allow our townships, our areas to burn down on things we can resolve, let us resolve them,” he said.

“When we bring down building like this, I expect every council to act, bring this building [down] wherever you are before people protest. I expect our police officers wherever they are they must act.”

Mbalula was on Gauteng’s West Rand to report back to residents on what had happened since their protest a week ago.

Residents shut down Krugersdorp in protest against prostitution and drug trafficking, they burnt down suspected brothels and drug dens.

On Monday, one of the building used as a brothel was demolished in Krugersdorp, Mbalula said more houses would be closed down or demolished through the Mogale City municipality.

He later went to Munsieville to address the community but, his address was brief as it suddenly rained. He then went to Kagiso to address the community at a hall.