Municipal workers at the George Municipality in the Southern Cape have suspended protest action over “danger pay” during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The municipality earlier said IMATU and SAMWU are demanding a lump sum payment of R64-million for a period of nine months.

SAMWU Chairperson in George, Mfundo Mthamo, says they have started negotiating with the municipality.

The municipality says the R64-million payment would financially cripple them at a time when there are huge infrastructure demands and would also place the burden on the public in the form of additional rates increases.

“There is an offer of R15 000 once off, an offer R20 000 once off and R5 000 for 15 months and also R2 000 for 15 months. What we are saying to the employer is choose what can suit you, we are not saying pay the R20 000 from where the pandemic started, we saying pay these poor employees a R20 000 once off or the R15 000 once off,” says Mthamo.