Six councillors from the Maquassi Hills local municipality based in Wolmaranstad in the North West have taken their municipal council to court.

The councillors, two from Forum for Service Delivery and four from the ANC, are challenging the legality of two special council meetings which resolved on the endorsement of a municipal budget and the spending of R1.9 million on COVID-19 campaigns.

One of the applicants, Gontse Maruping, says they have taken the matter to the North West high court, as they believe the standing rules of order of council were flawed.

“The notice of meeting was not properly done in terms of the standing rules of order of council, which says for special council meetings there must be observation of 48 hours of notice to be given to councillors. We were only given less than than 48 hours notice. Among others, is the fact that R1.9 million was over- spent on COVID-19. So we need full accountability,” explains Maruping.

Below is a provincial breakdown of COVID-19 cases in SA: