The state in the trial of former Tembisa police officer, Nomia Ndlovu, says it has proof of telephonic communication between her and two alleged hitmen. 

This was heard during cross-examination proceedings at the High Court in Johannesburg.  

Ndlovu is accused of killing her boyfriend and five of her family members to fraudulently benefit from insurance claims amounting to over R1.4 million. 

She was arrested in 2018, after an alleged hitman informed police that Ndlovu had recruited him to commit a murder. 

During cross-examination, state prosecutor, Rianna Williams told the court that she is in possession of cellphone records, which prove that Ndlovu made multiple calls to two alleged hitmen, one of whom was an undercover police officer.  

Williams stated that the calls had been made just a few weeks prior to Ndlovu’s arrest in Bushbuckridge. 
She then posed the evidence to Ndlovu about the calls between her and Vincent Kunene.  

“Now, for the period of the 7th of April 2018, there were 10 phone calls between yourself and Vincent Kunene. There’s five outgoing calls and five incoming calls. And then moving forward to the next day there are 12 phone calls between your number and the hitman that you hired, Vincent Kunene, on the 8th of February 2018.” 

However, in her defence, Ndlovu said that she had never discussed any plans for murders with Kunene. She says she only spoke to him to find out the whereabouts of her sister, as she was unable to reach her one the phone. 

“My lord, I need to make this explanation. At times, when I needed to contact Xebesile, that is Vincent’s sister, if I couldn’t get a hold of her on her phone, I would then call Vincent and ask him as to where his sister is. I have no problem with the calls between Kunene, but I have never hired him as a hitman.”  

Williams then questioned Ndlovu about the calls made to the second alleged hitman, Lucky Mkhize.  

“Well, on the 30th, ma’am there were 10 phone calls made from your handset to the number of Lucky Mkhize.” 

Throughout her cross-examination, Ndlovu maintained her innocence, saying that she also never spoke to Mkhize despite the numerous phone calls. 

“My lord, I am not denying that my phone was used to call that number. But what I am denying is that I spoke to Lucky because I have never spoken to him on the phone and that day in January 2018, it was a long time ago and I cannot recall everything that happened. But as far as I can tell, I did not phone Luck and I did not speak to Lucky.” 

Nomia Ndlovu | Cross-examination of the multiple murder-accused former police officer continues: