Multi-Party Convention crucial development in SA politics since democracy: Steenhuisen

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The Multi-Party National Convention that the Democratic Alliance (DA) and six other parties will hold in Johannesburg later this week represents the most important development in opposition party politics since the start of South Africa’s democracy.

That’s according to the DA leader, John Steenhuisen, in an address on social media yesterday.

The aim of the meeting tomorrow and on Thursday is to establish a multi-party pact that will be an alternative government to the African National Congress (ANC) – run one.

This is in the event of the governing party falling below 50% of the popular vote in next year’s elections.

Steenhuisen has announced that a former ally of the ANC, the Independent South African National Civic Organisation, will also participate in this week’s talks.

“I can assure the people of South Africa that we will continue to act at the Convention in the same good faith and spirit of cooperation and compromise that has gotten this far. It is my sincere hope that we will emerge from the convention with a document that reflects our shared values and the minimum policies that a multiparty pact government will implement to fix the many problems plaguing our beautiful country, I ask that you the people of South Africa judge the Convention on the basis of the solutions it will offer to you.”

Statement on the Multi-Party National Convention: