Multi-Party Charter is about politicians putting citizens first: Mashaba

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ActionSA president, and one of the seven signatories to the Multi-Party Charter for South Africa, Herman Mashaba, says for the first time he’s seeing politicians putting citizens first and not their own interests.

He was speaking at the inaugural multi-party National Convention at Kempton Park, east of Johannesburg which ended on Thursday with the signing of the Charter.

Mashaba says ActionSA, the DA, IFP, FF Plus and others are ready to map out a collective framework ahead of the 2024 elections.

He says more parties are expected to join.

The ActionSA leader says they’re hopeful that South Africans will vote for their parties and allow them to form a national government that replaces the ANC government next year.

“I was frustrated by the government that has led the South African people, and actually let them down. For the first time here, I’ve seen political leaders come together in the interest of all South Africans, and engage for all South Africans. The foundation laid by this group, over the past three months, has laid the foundation upon which a new government can be built, one which is stable, and that can address the pressing needs of all South Africans.”

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