Mujuru prepared to forgive Robert Mugabe

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The leader of the opposition party in Zimbabwe Dr Joyce Mujuru says in the interests of progress and peace in Zimbabwe she is prepared to forgive President Robert Mugabe.

Dr Mujuru says Zimbabwe needs an inclusive government to rebuild itself. The country will go to the elections in 2018.

Mujuru is a former activist and fighter leading a coalition that hopes to resettle power from Zanu-PF. She promises to start on a clean slate should her coalition win elections in 2018.

“You are going to see a different story. We will have inclusive government where civil servants will be professionals.”

While her relationship with her former boss, President Mugabe, is currently frosty, she was quick to share her thoughts on his future if there were to be a change of leadership.

“Zimbabwe needs peace and development and we will forgive Mugabe in the same way we treated Ian Smith.”

The 2018 elections will again be hotly contested in Zimbabwe. But the voters will have the final say.

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