Mugabe’s family to conduct traditional ceremonies ahead of burial

Robert Mugabe
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Authorities and family members are still discussing how to preserve the body of the late former Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe, until his burial in around a month’s time.

The family had wanted to conduct traditional ceremonies in Mugabe’s home village in the Zvimba area.

A site is also being prepared for Mugabe’s body at Heroes Acre in Harare.

“The body was supposed to come today and I am told by Chief Zvimba that that has been postponed to tomorrow; what will happen to the body is that  it will be preserved. The chief is going to sit today to determine how to preserve it because you see a long time ago, traditionally when people get very old they would dry them and put them in a cave. As to whether they are going to dry or preserve using chemicals that is still to be determined,” says family spokesperson, Leo Mugabe.

Meanwhile, Residents of Kutama village and surrounding areas at the Mashonaland West Province are converging at the Mugabe residence to honour the late former president.

Many say they have been at his home since he passed away in Singapore, last week.

As per their tradition, daily prayer sessions take place and today being a Sunday, more prayer services are taking place.

Some of the locals have thanked Mugabe for his central role in liberating their country.

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