Mugabe fires top prosecutor for ‘misconduct’: report

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President Robert Mugabe has fired Zimbabwe’s top prosecutor, who now faces a misconduct trial, state media reported Saturday, the latest twist in a dispute dating back more than a year.

“Suspended prosecutor general Johannes Tomana was yesterday (Friday) fired for misconduct and incompetence after a tribunal set by President Mugabe to probe him recommended dismissal,” The Herald newspaper reported.

Tomana faced charges of “criminal abuse of office” and was awaiting trial, the paper added, without giving further details.

He was suspended in February 2016 after dropping charges against two men accused of plotting to bomb a dairy plant that belonged to the president’s wife, Grace Mugabe.

A year earlier he was convicted of abuse of power after initially refusing to prosecute a legislator with Mugabe’s ZANU PF Party accused of raping a minor.

Tomana, once seen as a Mugabe loyalist, was threatened with 30 days in jail for his conduct in the affair, but eventually reversed his decision.

The legislator in question was eventually privately prosecuted, convicted and jailed.

– By AFP