Mugabe calls on Mngangwagwa to admit his role in dividing Zanu-PF

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Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe has launched a scathing attack on a faction led by the country’s vice-President Emmerson Mnangwagwa.

Mnangwagwa was treated for poisoning at a South African hospital last month, after he became ill at a rally addressed by President Robert Mugabe.

Speaking at a rally in Bindura, Grace Mugabe called on Mngangwagwa to admit his role in dividing the ruling Zanu-PF party.

As Zanu-PF members jostle for power, Mugabe has denied leading her own faction – instead accusing vice president Mnangwagwa.

She claims the second-in-charge has ambitions to succeed her husband President Robert Mugabe.

The first lady also addressed the rumours that she bewitched Mnangwagwa after he was hospitalised in Johannesburg in August.

She says she’s aggrieved by the allegations.

Mugabe’s attack on the party’s Vice Peresident gives an indication of divisions in the Zimbabwe’s ruling party.

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– By Noma Bolani