The much-loved baboon, Kataza, may soon be moved to a new home after failing to integrate with his original Slangkop troop in Kommetjie in the Cape Peninsula.

Kataza has been wandering around the area since he was brought back from nearby Tokai last year.

The City of Cape Town is awaiting the outcome of an application to Cape Nature to have the male baboon relocated to Limpopo.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s Jaco Pieterse says, “The reason for the application is because it’s evident that Kataza is not integrating with his natal troop or any of the other baboon troops in his surroundings. We believe that his welfare is being compromised and the best solution for him is to go to a rehabilitation centre where he will be rehabilitated and released into the wild in the future.”

In the video below, SABC’s Linky Bierman reports that Kataza has highlighted the plight of baboons in the Cape Peninsula:

In October, Kataza was attacked by male baboons from the Tokai troop of baboons:

 In September, Kataza was relocated from his original troop in Kommetjie: