Msimanga vows to restore investor confidence if elected in Gauteng

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Democratic Alliance (DA) Gauteng Premier Candidate Solly Msimanga says he will restore investor confidence should he be voted into office in the upcoming general elections.

Speaking during the Reya ba Tsena provincial rally in Soweto, Msimanga says investors are waiting for a government that will not loot government coffers.

Msimanga bemoans the youth unemployment particularly qualified graduates who remain unemployed as the countdown to the general elections ensures the Democratic Alliance hosted its Gauteng Provincial Reya ba Tsena rally in Soweto.

In its final attempt to win over the hearts of Gauteng residents, the party renews its commitment to fighting crime, corruption and unemployment.

“We’re already talking to investors both local and international, there are people who are excited to work with us because we’re working with world-renowned scientists in water and energy. They are saying they can bank on us because we are not politicians who are eager to loot. So, we will create employment, reduce the reliance on social grant system which is not sustainable,” says Msimanga.

But a dark cloud hangs over the DA in the Gauteng Province as the highly contested elections approach.

Last year’s adverse audit opinion on the DA-led coalition in Tshwane and the cholera outbreak in the metro’s Hammanskraal remain in the minds of many.

“Solly has been the Mayor of Tshwane since 2016 until 2017, so it’s very unfair to blame what’s happening now on Solly Msimanga. He had an incredibly difficult task of working with the EFF which was a fatal mistake. The crisis of finance has nothing to do with Solly. The ANC put Tshwane under administration, and they looted and since then we have been trying to rebuild,” says DA federal chairperson Hellen Zille.

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Supporters came in their numbers to fill the small Soweto theatre. Some came as far as Sebokeng to show their support for the party’s premier candidate.

“I am here to celebrate the victory that we have been working for,” a supporter says.

The party has described the upcoming general election as a turning point for the province.