A witness identified only as Mr X is expected to continue testifying about the state-owned entity Mhlathuze Water, at the State Capture Commission in Johannesburg on Tuesday.


Mr X is giving evidence from an unidentified location after he received death threats and was put into the witness protection programme.

The owner of a construction company told the commission on Monday about how his company was used to siphon off money.

He testified that he would receive money from the Water board for work he had not done – and then his company would pay other companies he did not have a relationship with.

He explained how Mhlathuze Water’s former programme manager, Mboniseni Majola would come to his office and create fictitious invoices with the assistance of his secretary.

Mr X told Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo about how he was approached by Majola in 2015 because he was looking for a company he and his mysterious boss could release some funds into.

The Water board former programme manager also told him they were looking for someone they could trust and told him that the money scheme would become their secret.

Mr X says he started receiving money into his account and at some point, he felt very scared.

He explains through the interpreter: “It was scary though I did not know how the transaction was going to happen. Just hearing and thinking about it … was scary.”