The Belfast Magistrate’s Court in Mpumalanga is to hand down judgment in the bail application of the truck driver, Sebastian Macuacua.

He is facing 18 count of culpable homicide after his truck collided with two minibus taxis in Machadodorp.

This is the second time Macuacua is persuading the court to grant him bail.

His appearance on Friday marks exactly four months the Mozambican National, Sebastian Macuacua was arrested.

Macuacua is hoping that he will be freed on bail.

He was arrested after he allegedly lost control of his truck and it veered onto oncoming traffic.

The truck collided with two minibus taxis that were transporting employees of Komati Mine in Machadodorp.

His lawyers say he should be granted bail because a place will be rented for him to reside while awaiting the starting of the trial.

The state says Macuacua should not be granted bail because he is a flight risk.