Vandalism and theft have been blamed for the shortage of water in Thulamahashe, Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga. Thulamahashe Extension C residents walk for long distances to access clean water.

This, after their boreholes were vandalised and pumps stolen. Six boreholes were drilled in 2019 and some only provided water once.

Locals struggle to observe basic hygiene, due to the shortage of water in the area.  They are forced to walk distances to access water.

One of the residents is elderly Gladys Sibuyi. There was a borehole drilled opposite Sibuyi’s yard. She says the borehole only provided water on the day it was installed.

“We are struggling with water and even to wash our self is a problem. They erected a borehole but no one operates it , we only saw water coming from the borehole on the day when they erected the boreholes. They say we should wash our hand all the time, but we can’t because of the water challenge.”

 According to the Bushbuckridge Municipality, the water project is incomplete. Executive Mayor, Sylvia Nxumalo, says plans are afoot to complete the project.

Nxumalo also called on people to protect infrastructure against vandals.

“The contractor has to abandoned the site that’s where the problem is and to say that its unfortunately that the person who was supposed to give us  a full report is the late councillor of that area but I’m told  that there are boreholes I think about five of them but that does not give the community an advantage of vandalising our boreholes.”

 The local municipality has been urged to complete the water project as soon as possible.

Until the water project is completed Gogo Sibuyi and neighbours will continue to walk distances to access the commodity important in the fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus.