The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) interim leader, John Steenhuisen, says a number of Mpumalanga municipalities are on the verge of collapse. He was virtually addressing the Mpumalanga elective congress from Cape Town.

Mpumalanga leader, Jane Sithole and provincial chairperson, Bosman Grobbler, have been retained in their positions at the congress. The deputy provincial leader, Trudie Morgan, has also retained her position unopposed.

Over 400 voting delegates participated in the one-day elective congress that was conducted virtually in three regions of the province.

The elective congress had delegates from the 121 branches across the province. Other positions that were not contested include the head of the women’s network and the youth chairperson.

The DA’s provincial leader Sithole says her re-election shows that party members still have confidence in her leadership.

“Even though 2019 was a tough year for our party, we all know that I must commend all of you for the hard work the active work you do on the ground. While we were campaigning, we seen phenomenal growth in the rural areas of Mpumalanga such as Dr JS Moroka, Themsile Hani and Nkomazi. We must redouble our efforts as we head campaigning for 2021. Viva DA, viva parties to left and right that have reeled up their populist rhetoric to South Africans, further dividing our people. I want say to you today; where they preach division, we must preach unity.”

Municipalities on the verge of collapse

Steenhuisen says the failure of government is on display throughout Mpumalanga.

“Anyone who lives in Mpumalanga will attest to its unique beauty. But despite everything this great province has to offer, it is still on its knees thanks to a selfish, corrupt, and incompetent government. And throughout the province, this failure of government is on full and permanent display. There are 17 municipalities in Mpumalanga and all of them are in a state of collapse. Sewage spills and potholes are so common in the towns here that people barely bat an eye anymore.”

Steenhuisen says the DA in Mpumalanga should continue to hold the provincial government accountable. He says the party must work hard to prepare for next year’s local government elections.

“The DA is the only significant party talking about the reformed. To get the shape of South African on the right path again, we are the only party with the policies able to turn things around. We are the only party that subscribe to level value that is needed to restore dignity to millions of impoverished and abandoned South Africans. We the only party with the size rich and momentum to effect really change in South Africa.”

Delegates at the DA provincial elective congress were urged to go back to the voters and assure them that the party is ready to govern some of the provincial municipalities after 2021’s local government elections.