The sub-committee reviewing the National Assembly Rules has finalised its deliberations on the draft rules report aimed at impeaching a sitting President in line with Section 89 of the Constitution.

On Thursday, the committee will table the draft report to the House’s Rules committee for consideration.

There will be two options for the committee to consider.

The process to establish a proper mechanism according to Section 89 of the Constitution is the order of the Constitutional Court made against the National Assembly in its judgment in 2017.

The highest court in the land ruled that current mechanisms to begin this process are not sufficient.

After some weeks deliberating on the draft rules to be considered- the Subcommittee decided on two options to be considered by the Rules committee on Thursday, before a final outcome goes to the house for a formal adoption.

The first proposal made by the committee is the establishment of a committee of the National Assembly consisting of all political parties with each represented.

The committee may also include a panel of experts who are not members of Parliament.

The second option is the creation of a panel of retired judges.

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