MPs renew calls for AU to intensify efforts to resolve conflicts in Africa

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Members of Parliament have renewed calls for the African Union to intensify efforts aimed at resolving conflicts in war-torn parts of the continent.  MPs held a snap debate to mark Africa Day at Parliament on Thursday.

Africa Day is set aside to celebrate the formation of the African Union’s precursor, the Organisation for African Unity (OAU) formed on May 25, 1963, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The day has become an important event on the continent’s political calendar.

MPs hail the role of South Africa in peacekeeping missions on the continent.

African National Congress MP Mandla Mandela says, “The commitment to silencing the guns in the African continent, while we dedicate ourselves to the important task of ending armed conflicts in Africa and advocating for disarmament. It is crucial that we don’t suppress our own values as relinquish our ability as Africans to speak out against injustices.”

Democratic Alliance (DA) MP, Emma Powell says, “Opposition leaders are being detained in Algeria, the LGBTQI community fear for their lives in Uganda, girl children are kidnapped by violent extremists in Cameroon and sexual violence against women in Sudan intensifies as various warlords continue to diminish any fragile prospects for lasting peace in the region.”

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP Khonziwe Hlonyana says, “We must resolve the crisis in Sudan and restore democracy in that country. The AU must be firm with leaders who are fermenting the conflict in Sudan because that conflict has nothing to do with people but the interest of the military.”

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) MP Mkhuleko Hlengwa says, “Much more work remains a threat to our collective prosperity and success abound. We need a stable peaceful continent in order to provide opportunities for our people.”