North West Premier, Job Mokgoro, has told the NCOP that they’ve not yet been provided with the official report compiled by the Inter Ministerial Task Team on the intervention in the province.

Various departments are briefing the NCOP’s Ad hoc committee on the fiscal position of the province.

Mokgoro says they only received a presentation, which had to take place hurriedly due to a sudden change of venue.

“A presentation was made, we are not denying. It was done hurriedly…but clearly on such an important issue of service delivery, when you respond – you want to respond point by point. It goes without saying it can’t be done this way.”

However members of the NCOP did not accept this as an excuse. Member of Parliament Seiso Mohai says constant communication did take place.

“I don’t think an impression should be created that provincial and national weren’t constantly interacting. If the province wants to be on record, that non of ministers interacted with them, let them do so.”

Members of Parliament have called for more senior heads to roll in the North West Provincial Government. This after both National Treasury and the Auditor General briefed MPs of the R15.3 billion lost through irregular expenditure in just four years.

At least 10 departments in the province are currently under administration after violent service delivery protests led to the resignation of former North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo a few weeks ago.

It seems the violent service delivery protests which engulfed parts of the North West Province earlier this year were merely the tip of the iceberg.

On Wednesday National Treasury and the Auditor General gave MPs a glimpse of the actual situation hidden below the surface of the embattled Provincial Government.

Director General, National Treasury, Dondo Mogajane says  “Accumulated irregular spending is a concern. It used to be R8.6 billion 13/14, and that number has increased to R15.3 billion in 16/17.”

He added that often there are no consequences for senior officials. “In most cases, no disciplinary actions or steps have been taken over a period of time.”

Revelations by Dondo left MPs fuming.

Democratic Alliance (DA) MP,  Mergan Chetty, says the collapse of North West finances can’t be blamed on one person.

“Chairperson it can’t be right that only one person, one person can be held accountable or responsible for the collapse of an entire province. I’m hoping chairperson by the end of our term that more senior heads will roll.”

Meanwhile, African National Congress (ANC) MP, Dr Hunadi Mateme, asked if they have a code of conduct to refer to “Do we have a code of conduct. Do we have a guide which indicates to the civil service right from wrong? Looks like we don’t have.”

Although the Province did accept some blame for its current state of affairs, it accused the media for distorting the truth.

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