Mozambique’s Nyusi promises stability, security in final election rally

Mozambicans walk past election posters ahead Tuesday's provincial and legislative election.
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At the final election rally for Mozambique’s Frelimo party on Saturday, President Filipe Nyusi danced on stage and promised voters his government, if re-elected, would bring stability, security and put an end to corruption.

Thousands of supporters wearing t-shirts in the Frelimo party’s signature colour, red, gathered at a stadium ahead general elections scheduled for October 15.

The Frelimo party’s show of force ahead of presidential, provincial and legislative elections could signal problems for the main opposition party, Renamo, and also threaten a peace agreement signed between the two civil war rivals in August.

While Nyusi is all but certain to be re-elected president, the peace deal has given Renamo hope of winning more political power in a country dominated by Frelimo since the southern African country’s independence from Portugal in 1975.

Nyusi’s credibility has been knocked by an Islamist insurgency and a graft scandal that sank the economy, but Frelimo holds numerous districts in Sofala following local elections last year, and dozens of people told Reuters the ruling party had their vote.

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