Mozambique is getting closer to knowing who won Tuesday’s poll. Preliminary results from different voting stations are being tallied.  Preliminary results will be officially released on Thursday.

It is business as usual in Maputo after an election that was marked with a few hiccups.

Despite all that, 42 year old Ellisa Maita says she hopes her vote will translate into a better life for her. She makes a living selling teddy bears on the busy streets of Baixa. “I voted yesterday (Tuesday) with the hope that there will be positive change and for my business to do well.”

Observers say elections were conducted well and authorities should bring to book those that killed a local observer in Xai Xai.  They believe the minor challenges witnessed will not affect the outcome of the results.

“Let us use the opportunity to commend the people of Mozambique for coming out in large numbers to vote. We appreciate the effort of the country, of course we know the political history of this country, we just met with other observer missions, and yes there are some cases where there were some minor incidences observed but not very much.  It doesn’t spread across so we believe it won’t affect the general outcome of the results. We have observed that the election was well conducted and we haven’t witnessed incidents besides just a few arguments. Even other commissions have reported and expressed satisfaction,” says African Union Observer Missions Head Goodluck Jonathan.

In the Northern part of Cabo Delgado, seven voting stations were not open at all due to insurgency. In Maputo interim results from different voting stations have been made public but the Mozambican Electoral Commission will officially announce interim results on Thursday. Final results are expected out within a period of 15 days. Author- Siphephile Kunene