Mozambique government making it difficult for media to investigate insurgency: Journalist

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Mozambican journalist Matias Guente says his government is making it difficult for the media to investigate the root cause of the insurgency in the country.

The situation in northern Mozambique remains volatile after armed groups attacked Palma district last month.

South Africa’s Defence Department says the more than 50 South Africans who were reported missing have now been accounted for. One South African was among those killed.

On Friday, President Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed that members of the SANDF had been dispatched to Mozambique’s northern towns of Pemba and Palma to secure the safety of South Africans.

The SADC Troika will hold an urgent meeting this coming week to discuss the current situation in Mozambique.

Guente says it’s difficult to practice journalism in his country.

“Yeah, it’s very hard to be in Mozambique as journalists right now in particular this matter of Cabo Delgado. It seems as if the government is not comfortable with journalists reporting on what is going on there. Even now when the situation is serious, the main source of information is the international media.”

Over 50 South Africans rescued: