Mozambique Electoral Commission urged to deliver free, fair elections

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The Centre for Democracy and Development organisation (CDD) in Mozambique, has called on the Mozambique National Electoral Commission (CNE) to deliver free and fair elections ahead of Tuesday’s national elections.

The organisation has registered its concerns about the volatile situation in the central parts of Mozambique, blaming these attacks to lack of transparency by the Commission.

CDD director, Professor Adriano Nuvunga says there is no justice and fairness in this process.

“And that speaks to the quality of governance which is not inclusive in this country. The most specific one is the election violence which resulted in the killing of our colleague Mr. Anastacio Matavele in Gaza by the police institution. (It’s) an intimidation by the state that is trying to send a message that in Gaza observers are not welcomed, and we think that they are not welcomed they might be something that is being prepared.”

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