The Mozambique National Electoral Commission (CNE) believes that the police in the country will deal with any form of violence which may pose threats to the elections.

Since the beginning of the electoral process there have been reports of sporadic attacks on citizens by unknown armed gunmen.

A local election observer, Anastacio Matavele, was also shot and killed earlier last week in Xai Xai in Gaza province.

The Mozambique National Electoral Commission Spokesperson, Paul Cuinica says police will be deployed in all the voting stations to ensure the smooth electoral process.

“Is a set of concerns, a number of concerns… one of which are in the northern province of Kapelicado, Renamo have split into two and one of the wings is armed, and has threatened the process… however it seems like is not as much as people are fearing because we heard shooting hear and over there in the central part of the country, but in terms of security we have the guarantee that the process will be secured.”

Political Parties contesting the national and provincial elections In Mozambique wrapped up their election campaigns at midnight on Saturday. Twenty-six political parties are contesting this year’s elections.

Cuinica has confirmed that campaigning has been wrapped up.

Mozambique goes to the polls to elect a new government on Tuesday.


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