Some Mozambican nationals who are participating in the country’s national elections from a polling station at Nwa-Mitwa village outside Tzaneen in Limpopo, are happy to have been afforded the opportunity while in South Africa.The polling station is one of eight that have been set up across the province.

About 1 600 voters have been registered at the station’s voters roll. They are part of over 9 000 registered voters expected to vote in Limpopo on Tuesday.

Some of the voters have asked their government to help make travel documents accessible:

“I have been on this queue since morning. I am participating in the election because I hope that they will give us ID documents. I have been in this country for years, but I still don’t have documents.”

“I am hoping that life will become easier after these elections, that they will allow us to apply for travel documents from here too.”

“I am happy to vote, the only problem is that my children don’t have IDs, one of them is in matric, she was my last hope.”