The former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Old Mutual, Peter Moyo, says he’s determined to protect his integrity despite the way the company has treated him.

Earlier this week, the High Court in Johannesburg reinstated Moyo as Old Mutual CEO on a temporary basis pending the outcome on the second part of his court application. The court also interdicted the company from filling his position.

Moyo had filed an urgent application for his reinstatement after he was ousted in May. Old Mutual has been ordered to pay Moyo’s legal fees in the matter.

The second part of his application pertains to the board, which Moyo wants declared “delinquent”.

Moyo was prevented from entering his office on Wednesday and told that the company had sought leave to appeal the court ruling.

“Old Mutual acted unlawfully. The process they actually went into was totally against what my contract. There were all these headlines some saying I was suspended and earlier on talked about the conflict of interest. The court has actually dealt with that in its finding but what Old Mutual did was unlawful, that’s actually why this interim relief that I got back,” says Moyo.

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