Moyo refused entry to Old Mutual again

Peter Moyo
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The lawyer of Old Mutual CEO Peter Moyo has warned the insurance company against preventing his client from returning to work, saying the move is tantamount to what he terms aggravation of contempt of court.

On Monday, the High Court in Johannesburg deferred judgment on whether Old Mutual was in contempt of court when it refused to reinstate Moyo following a ruling that his dismissal was unlawful.

The court gave the company ten days to prove that it was not in contempt of court and allowed Moyo to admit, as evidence, his second letter of suspension.

Old Mutual has again refused to allow Moyo back into his office, despite the court order nullifying his dismissal. His lawyer, Eric Mabuza, says Old Mutual board members should decide individually whether they want to associate themselves with further contempt of court.

“Now what they have done to disallow Moyo to take over his position will further serve as aggravation of contempt of court so, in other words, it’s going to make the contempt worse. We now expect each and every board member to take a decision to decide for themselves whether they associate themselves with this further act of contempt. In the next nine days, they are expected to give an explanation why they sent a letter on the 21st of August, as you know in 30 days we’ll be back in court to argue the issue of contempt.”