Tom Moyane’s lawyer, Eric Mabuza says former president Jacob Zuma’s application in the Constitutional Court in support of Moyane will help the court to evaluate the matter, between his client and President Cyril Ramaphosa, properly and in its full context.

 Zuma has filed an affidavit in the Constitutional Court claiming the Nugent Commission of Inquiry into the South African Revenue Service (Sars) had no basis to recommend the firing of Tom Moyane.

Zuma says it was him and not his successor President Cyril Ramaphosa who called for the commission.

The former president has given sworn evidence that he never intended that the Sars commission of inquiry “deal with employment contracts of individual employees”.

According to Mabuza, the Nugent Commission of Inquiry over stepped its mark when it recommended that Moyane be fired as Sars commissioner.

President Ramaphosa set up the Sars inquiry earlier this year.

Zuma’s evidence will be used by Moyane’s legal team to bolster their argument that the Nugent Inquiry does not have the authority to make such recommendations, and therefore acted unlawfully.

It was former finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, who recommended to Zuma that he establishes a commission of inquiry into Sars, but the former president never did so until he was removed from office in February this year.

The former president has stressed that the Sars commission is not mandated to deal with employment issues – a sentiment which has been echoed by Moyane’s lawyer.

Moyane maintains he is innocent of all the charges against him.

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