Moyane’s cross-examination of Gordhan set to be ‘very intense’

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Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan is set to be cross-examined by former South African Revenue Service (SARS) boss Tom Moyane on Friday.

This comes as the chairperson of the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, ruled that Moyane may cross-examine Gordhan, subject to certain conditions.

His questions must relate to Gordhan’s allegation that the laying of criminal charges against him was motivated by Moyane’s malicious pursuit of State capture objectives.

The video below is an analysis of the Moyane-Gordhan application:

Moyane’s lawyers had pleaded for an unconditional cross-examination, claiming that Gordhan’s claims were unsubstantiated.

Moyane’s lawyer lawyer Eric Mabuza reacts to Zondo ruling:

Political analyst Sanusha Naidu says, “I think it is going to be very intense for everyone particularly, the allegations and what the cross-examination is going to focus on. It’s been two years since Pravin Gordhan appeared before the Commission. He implicated Tom Monyane or implied about Tom Monyane’s competency and the way he ran SARS as the commissioner.”

“He implied that there were questions about some of the decisions that he made and of course Tom Monyane responds [responded] … when he was cross-examined. [Later] then Monyane instituted criminal charges against Gordhan,” explains Naidu.