Moyane suspension aimed at restoring confidence

Tom Moyane
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The suspension of South African Revenue Service (SARS) boss Tom Moyane is one of the measures aimed at restoring confidence in the running of state-owned entities.

On Monday, President Cyril Ramaphosa suspended Moyane after the Revenue Service Chief declined his request to voluntarily resign.

Ramaphosa informed Moyane that his suspension was partly due to the way he handled the matter of his Deputy Jonas Makwakwa.

Another issue is the management of Value Added Tax refunds which Ramaphosa says has put the South African Revenue Service into disrepute and seriously affected the morale among taxpayers.

Presidency Spokesperson Khusela Diko says Ramaphosa’s action against Moyane highlights the urgent need to stop the mismanagement of public institutions.

Moyane’s three years at the helm of the country’s revenue service has been marked by speculations. His arrival at SARS saw the departure of some key executives.

Moyane’s relationship with his former boss, then Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, was also the subject of controversy.

Moyane reportedly saw SARS as an autonomous body while Gordhan believed that the institution must account to him.

His arrival also uncovered the so-called rogue unit, which Moyane claims was conducting illegal surveillance on some individuals.


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