Motsoaledi condemns ‘misleading narrative’ on the proposed marriage policy

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Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has condemned what he says is a misleading narrative on the proposed marriage policy.

Motsoaledi says the aim of the green paper is to bring all marriages laws under a single marriage law.

He says among other things, the proposed legislation is aimed at recognising marriages conducted under Muslim, Hindu and Jewish rites.

New marriage policy in the pipeline for SA:

Motsoaledi says one of the proposals is to end the practice of child marriages.

In his budget vote speech on Wednesday, he said some marriages are still not recognised despite the enactment of the Customary Marriages Act.

Motsoaledi has expressed disappointment that the debate concentrated on only one part of the green paper related to polyandry.

“Why can’t [we] have a person in a far rural area go to Moshate or Musanda to have their merits of fishery solemnised by a traditional leader, a king or queen, or any member of the royal family who is trained and certified by Home Affairs for such purposes? Why should we remain with a situation where other religious leaders cannot perform marriages according to their religious rituals?”