Motsoaledi blames high HIV/AIDS rates on those who don’t test

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Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi has blamed South Africa’s high HIV/AIDS rate on the attitude of those who refusing to take tests in order to know their status. He says men are the main culprits. 

Motsoaledi was leading the department’s lifestyle awareness campaign at Stinkwater in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria.  The minister says South Africa has over five-million people living with the disease, a shockingly high proportion.

“In fact our country form only 0.1% of the world population but when it comes to HIV/AIDS we form 17% of all people in the world who are HIV/AIDS , and I think it’s very difficult to put that bag. So we believe with the new program of making sure that 90% of the people know their status and 90% are put on treatment and 90% of those on treatment are virally suppressed then we will defeat this scourge,” says Motsoaledi.