Motsoaledi announces introduction of Remote Work Visa

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Digital nomads who wish to work remotely while staying in South Africa will soon be able to do so. Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced the introduction of a Remote Work Visa as a new addition to the country’s visa regime.

People employed in other countries but want to work remotely while staying in the country will however need to earn at least R1 million. They will be also exempted from paying taxes for six months.

Changes have also been made to the critical skills and general work visas. Motsoaledi updated the media on the second amendment of the immigration regulations 2014.

The new regulations are set to be gazetted in a week. Motsoaledi says reviewing the visa regime will attract much-needed skills and enable economic growth. He has however stressed that the remote woke visa does not replace any long-term or visitor visa.

“But if you want to stay for more than six months, then you start paying tax, whether you’re paying tax in America or not, it’s none of our business it’s between you and them. But we are saying we are giving you a remote working visa to come to SA and work for six months, you won’t pay tax. But if you want to stay longer, we will allow you but the tax kicks in, so it does not replace any long-term or visitor visa specifically for these types of people and it can be gotten, only people working remotely because not everyone can remotely anywhere in the world.”

Video: Immigration – Home Affairs Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi briefs media on amended regulations