Motorists urged to be cautious in Johannesburg

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Authorities have warned motorists to be cautious when parking their vehicles especially in central Johannesburg.

This follows the arrest of three suspects who were caught breaking into a vehicle and stealing items from it.

The suspects were found in possession of a remote vehicle jamming device used to disable the vehicle’s locking system.

Police spokesperson, Xoli Mbele says this type of crime is very common.

Mbele says: “When parking your vehicle ensure that your doors are locked by checking them with your hands. Use your central lock while standing close to your vehicle. When driving around the CBD, ensure that your windows are slightly opened or closed.”

“Always be on alert when approaching intersections and red robots as most of the suspects roam around those places. Ensure that your valuables e.g hand bags, wallets, laptops and iPads are placed in the boot of your car.”