The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) says while Gauteng motorists are receiving summonses for defaulting on their e-toll payments, they cannot be prosecuted.

Many motorists have boycotted the e-toll system, refusing to pay, since its inception in 2013 because of the lack of proper consultation.

Outa has been working to bring the first case to court on the matter.  Outa Chief Executive Officer Wayne Duvenage says there are about three million motorists who have not been paying their bills.

“Sanral has been for some time issuing summons for people who have defaulted on their e-toll bill. We believe 10 000 or so summons have gone out. Remember there are three million motorists who have defaulted and have not paid and there is a R9 billion bill or more outstanding. Will someone be prosecuted? Well no, but they can be summoned and the summons process then flows into a court challenge.”