Drivers, whose licences have expired during the lockdown period, have been given another 90 days for renewals. Vehicle stations across the country have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic forcing their closure due to employees testing positive.

People have been complaining that it is impossible to get dates online to renew their drivers licences.

The extension of the drivers licences was announced by Transport Director General Alec Moemi during a media briefing of the Economic Cluster of Ministers who serve on the Coronavirus Command Council.

Moemi says, “If you have an exact drivers license card which you want (to renew) this has been a bit of a challenge and also some permits including for tracker and so on. It is for this reason that minister today announced a further extension of 90 days. So, you should count at the end of the initial extension period a further 90 days going forward and I think that should answer the concern.”

In the video below, the Economic Cluster briefs the media on combating the spread of COVID-19: