Motorists encouraged to check vehicles during heatwave

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Motorists have been urged to ensure that their vehicles are properly maintained while driving in parts of the country which has been affected by the heatwave.

MasterDrive, a driver education company, has advised motorists to ensure that their vehicles have enough coolant to handle the higher temperatures and prevent it from possible major damage.

The South African Weather Service has predicted that temperatures in Gauteng will rise to 36 degrees Celsius today.

The Northern Cape, Free State, North West and KwaZulu-Natal are also experiencing extremely hot weather conditions.

Managing director at MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert says, “People should make sure that their cars are not just roadworthy but are suitably maintained in order to drive in hot weather. You know you driving in traffic, the weather is hot, the engine is hot and before you realise it your engine is overheated so regular maintenance is critical and something that is overlooked on a fairly regular basis. It is the fact that people should be maintaining their tyre pressure. If your tyre is under inflated, now you can imagine, combine that with hot road surfaces, temperature etc. an under inflated tyre could heat up excessively and you could even have a blowout.”

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